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  • New Markdowns for 07/06/2024

New Markdowns for 07/06/2024

Discover Amazing Costco Clearance Deals & More

7In each newsletter, we deliver to you hand-picked, trending unadvertised Costco clearance deals posted to our Costco97 web site - plus a few hot-takes and fun tidbits on all things Costco.

Here’s what we have cooking in this edition:

  • Two new carefully curated clearance deals

  • Does Costco do oil changes?

  • Meme of the Month

  • Recent Costco Recalls - New Deli Item Recalled

  • Trivia Time! Costco.com

Let’s dig in!

🚨 Clearance Deal #1

Korean Soul Food Rice Cookie Collection

Price: $9.97
Item #: 1773461

Size: 12.2 oz

Yugwa is a baked sticky rice snack. A traditional dessert from South Korea.

Original price: $22.99

Please reply and let us know if you’ve found this on clearance at your local Costco. 📍🗺

✂ Curated Clippings

When was the last time you changed your vehicle's oil? If you can't remember, your car might be plotting its mechanical revenge.

For the DIY crowd, Costco's your pit stop for affordable, bulk oil. Stock up and never again use "I'm out of oil" as an excuse to skip car maintenance.

But if you'd rather leave the greasy work to others (no judgment here), you might wonder: Can Costco handle oil changes too? After all, your membership already unlocks some pretty slick auto-related perks - like cheap gas, discounted tires, and tire rotations.

So, let's pop the hood on this question and see what's really under there when it comes to Costco and oil changes. 

Meme of the Month

Is this wishful thinking?

🎁 Contests & Giveaways

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🚨 Clearance Deal #2

Tommy Bahama Solar Bollard Pathway Light Set

Price: $29.97
Item #: 1718540

Includes 5 solar lights

Original price: $39.99

Please reply and let us know if you’ve found this on clearance at your local Costco. 📍🗺

📢 Recent Costco Recalls & Product Quality Notices

Here are the five most recent in case you missed them…

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