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  • New Markdowns for 07/04/2024

New Markdowns for 07/04/2024

Discover Amazing Costco Clearance Deals & More


In each newsletter, we deliver to you hand-picked, trending unadvertised Costco clearance deals posted to our Costco97 web site - plus a few hot-takes and fun tidbits on all things Costco.

Here’s what we have cooking in this edition:

  • Two new carefully curated clearance deals

  • 10 Best Sparkling Wines You Can Buy at Costco

  • HUGE bakery item change coming - buckle up!

  • Recent Costco Recalls Roundup

  • New Poll - Muffin Madness?

Let’s dig in!

🚨 Clearance Deal #1

Bellevue 10oz Candles 4pk

Price: $16.97
Item #: 1784298

  • Seaside Moss

  • Fresh Fig

  • Neroli Sugar

  • Aspen Juniper

Original price: $19.99

Please reply and let us know if you’ve found this on clearance at your local Costco. 📍🗺

✂ Curated Clippings

Not only is Costco wine priced to make your wallet happy, but most warehouses boast a selection vast enough to make a sommelier jealous. In addition to some very high-quality Kirkland Signature wines, they also offer some fancy “brand name” vineyard bottles for those who like to show off at dinner parties.

So, if you enjoy bubbles in your glass and not just in your bathtub, hop on over to Costco and try these ten best Costco sparkling wines - because nothing says "sophisticated palate" quite like pushing a cart the size of a small car past towers of toilet paper to get to the champagne aisle.

Bewildering New Bakery Change at Costco 👨🏼‍🍳

Has Costco lost their marbles? Or is this what customers have been asking for all along?

In a move that is sure to cause much controversy, consternation, and commotion (this newsletter brought to you by the letter “c”), Costco is reportedly looking to ditch the jumbo muffins they’ve been selling for 20+ years and moving to a smaller size muffin.

Instead of 6 ginormous muffins that you must buy in packs of two, Costco will now sell you 8 smaller muffins in a single pack. How much smaller is the key. Most keen observers think the new muffins are about 1/3 the size of the O.G. muffins.

Here’s the kicker. The jumbo muffins sell for $9.99 for 12. Now the new packs of 8 (much) smaller muffins will reportedly sell for $7.99. So, you’ll now be paying $1 each for a muffin that is less than half the size of the ones that sold for $0.83 each.

Looks like major shrinkflation to us.

This is being tested in some locations but hasn’t been rolled out to all yet.

Is this muffin madness? You be the judge (by answering our poll below 👇)

🎁 Contests & Giveaways

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Our Community giveaway just ended and the winner will be announced soon. Stay tuned…

🚨 Clearance Deal #2

Wusthof Classic 4pc Knives Starter Kit

Price: $129.97
Item #: 1758063

This is a great deal. Regular price for these three knives purchased separately: easily $300.

Some locations at $99.97 now.

Original price: $249.99

Please reply and let us know if you’ve found this on clearance at your local Costco. 📍🗺

📢 Recent Costco Recalls & Product Quality Notices

Here are the five most recent in case you missed them…

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What do you think of the muffin size (and cost) change?

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