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  • New Markdowns for 04/27/2024

New Markdowns for 04/27/2024

Discover Amazing Costco Clearance Deals & More

In each newsletter, we deliver to you hand-picked, trending unadvertised Costco clearance deals posted to our Costco97 web site - plus a few hot-takes and fun tidbits on all things Costco.

Here’s what we have cooking in this edition:

  • Two new carefully curated Costco clearance deals

  • 13 Best Costco gifts for any occasion

  • Is Costco selling Hoka dupes?

  • NEW: Costco Product Recall

  • New Costco Trivia!

Let’s dig in!

🚨 Clearance Deal #1

Kirkland Signature Ladies Heavyweight Hoodie

Price: $6.97
Item #: 7771043

Colors: Blue, Red, & Ivory

Please reply and let us know if you’ve found this on clearance at your local Costco. 📍🗺

✂ Curated Clippings

Struggling to find that perfect gift for your friend, loved one, or coworker? You're not alone. With countless options out there, it's easy to feel overwhelmed. But fear not!

When it comes to holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, or promotions, Costco might just have what you need. Besides the usual household and grocery items, they've got a wide selection of gifts for both men and women. We’ve narrowed down the selection to a manageable list of 13 items to keep it simple & classy.

Do these new KS sneakers kinda look like Hoka dupes?

Costco is now selling Kirkland Signature sneakers that look suspiciously like Hooka or Brooks dupes to us. They come in white or black.

Item #1829953 (white) / 1829933 (black)

These are selling for $32.99 on Costco.com. Haven’t seen them in stores yet, but they will likely sell for less in warehouse. Early comments say they are very comfy, supportive, and have extra cushioning in the heel.

Hoka look-alike? Maybe. Dad vibes? Definitely.

🚨 Clearance Deal #2

Brookside Dark Chocolate Acai Blueberry

Price: $7.00
Item #: 486540
Size: 32 oz

Manager’s Special

Original price: $11.69

Please reply and let us know if you’ve found this on clearance at your local Costco. 📍🗺

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📢 Recent Costco Recalls & Product Quality Notices

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