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  • New Markdowns for 02/05/2024

New Markdowns for 02/05/2024

Discover Amazing Costco Clearance Deals & More

In each edition, we deliver to you hand-picked, trending unadvertised Costco clearance deals posted to our Costco97 web site - plus a few hot-takes and fun tidbits on all things Costco.

Here’s what we have cooking in this edition:

  • It’s Markdown Monday + Apple Macbook Clearance

  • Cheese Louise - this thing is huge!

  • Costco Gas Pump PSA

  • Our 2/2 Double-Day Giveaway is live!

  • Check out our list of recent Costco recalls

  • Poll: Do you pump both ways?

Let’s dig in!

🚨 It’s Markdown Monday!

Every Monday we list all the latest clearance deals available for order on Costco.com.

These online steals & deals will be going, going, gone soon!

149 items this week

✂ Curated Clippings

Got Cheese? 🧀🧀

Dreamed of owning a cheese wheel that could feed a small army? Costco just made it happen. 

Priced at $829.99, this cheese giant normally sells for $1200+ elsewhere. 

What's so special about this cheese? According to the website, it's aged for a luxurious 24 months, imported from Italy, and labeled as "extravagant."

Reviews online echo the sentiment, with customers sharing stories of buying it for special occasions like weddings. One reviewer even turned it into party favors at a reception!

Costco Gas Pump Pro Tip ⛽

Did you know that Costco gas pumps use extra-long hoses that are designed to allow you to fill your tank from EITHER side if your vehicle? Yup! That means you can just pick the shortest line and not worry about which side your gas cap is on.

In fact, Costco’s gas station FAQ even encourages you to do this!

You’re welcome. 😁

🚨 Clearance Deal #2

MacBook Pro 14 M2 Pro 512GB SSD Space Gray

Item #: 1601622
Price: $1399.97

This is a great deal if you’ve had your eye on a Macbook Pro for a while!

Original price: $1849.99

🎁 Contests & Giveaways

The 2/2 Double-Day Giveaway is Now Live!

You could win a $50 Costco Shop Card!

Enter now on our Instagram post.

📢 Recent Costco Recalls & Product Quality Notices

Here are the five most recent in case you missed them…

😍 Thank you for being one of 72,047 Costco-holics who support Costco97!

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Have you ever filled up your gas tank from the opposite side of the pump at a Costco gas station?

i.e. parked with the pump on your right but your gas cap on the left (and vice versa)?

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